Thursday, November 30, 2017: Dinner No. 100: Pulled Pork and Chunky Applesauce
December 1st, 2017 by Kate

Hey, we had a great Thanksgiving in Dallas with our cousins and grandparents and lots of other relatives and friends.  Thank you Rick and Carla for hosting such a great Thanksgiving Dinner!  And thanks for sharing some of your family recipes!  We were inspired by your recipes for crock-pot pulled pork and chunky applesauce to make that for tonight’s dinner.  We also added baked potatoes and an arugula/goat cheese salad… just to make the meal that much better.

pulledpork11.17  applesauce11.17

For the pulled pork, we followed the “Dallas” recipe but added a chopped onion, brown sugar and apple cider vinegar to both spice and sweeten things up.  We also had to cut our pork butt in half because it was too big for our crock pot.  We froze the other half for another day.  We let the pork cook in the slow cooker for 8 hours on low and then removed it and shredded it.  (We started this Wednesday night and shredded it in the morning before school.)

20171129_210839   20171129_214754 20171130_071330  20171130_072231

There was some liquid in the crock put that looked like it had a lot of fat so we poured it through our de-greaser and then we added the liquid back to the crock pot along with the shredded pork and barbecue sauce.  We let it cook for an hour or so (and then mom put it in the fridge until dinner time)


For the apple sauce, we followed our cousins’ recipe except we used the microwave…it was a weeknight so Mom said we had to do our homework!

20171130_190402  20171130_191859  20171130_192856

Then we made baked potatoes and a quick but tasty arugula salad (with goat cheese, tomatoes, pine nuts and proscuitto (optional).


The final meal looked like this:




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