January 6, 2018: Happy Three Kings’ Day.
January 8th, 2018 by Katekoster

We didn’t have a chance to cook much this weekend  (we both had soccer games and exams to study for), but we did celebrate Three Kings’ Day with our good friends, the Coronas. They provided this amazing Rosca de Reyes.


Rosca de Reyes is a traditional sweet yeast based cake with a baby Jesus figurine hidden inside. Whoever finds the baby Jesus figurine is king (or queen) for the day and is supposed to bring the tamales to a party on February 2 (Candlemas Day).  We have changed that tradition slightly so that the family who finds the baby Jesus has to provide tamales for (and host) the Super Bowl party!!


This year there were four baby Jesus figures in the cake and both the Kosters and the Coronas found them. So we struck a compromise on the Super Bowl party. Kosters will host and be in charge of Enchiladas Suiza and the Coronas will bring the tamales.  We are still negotiating on who is bringing the guacamole and chips. 



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