Sunday, February 4, 2018: Superbowl Sunday: Enchiladas Suiza & Salad
February 8th, 2018 by Kate

We were hosting a small Superbowl party and decided to make Enchiladas Suiza and kale salad.  We wanted to have Mexican food (since we won the right to host the party when we celebrated Three Kings Day with a Rosca) but also wanted to celebrate our Swiss heritage.  Enchiladas Suiza are chicken enchiladas topped with Swiss cheese…and they are delicious.  Our guests, the Coronas brought tamales, chips and guacamole,and Russ & Erica brought avocado-deviled eggs.  Oh and we also made fudge brownies (of course)

20180204_191206    20180204_175522

Enchiladas Suiza

The ingredients for Enchiladas Suiza are pretty straight forward: chicken breasts, green chili sauce, onions, jalapenos, and grated gruyere cheese.  And they are pretty simple to make.  It just takes a lot of steps.

20180203_172248   20180204_165800

First we prepared the chicken.  We poached the chicken breasts in water (with salt and pepper) until they were cooked through.  We let them cool a little bit and then we shredded them.  At first we used forks but then we just used our (clean) hands.  (We actually prepared the chicken on Saturday so we covered it with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge over night)

20180203_172722   20180203_181458  20180203_190308

The next step was to chop the onions and jalapenos.  For the jalapenos we took out most of the seeds (because we don’t like the texture and they add heat). When we were done chopping, we washed our hands really really well.

20180204_134428  20180204_134816  20180204_135626

Then we chopped the onions, sauteed them, added some chili powder and cumin and finally then added the green chile sauce.  Note we decided not to make it from scratch because we needed so much of it.  At this point we split the sauce in half and added the jalapenos to one half.  (We wanted to make two versions: one spicy and one normal).  We also added a mix of chili powder and cumin to the spicy version.

20180204_170820   20180204_171539

Finally it was time to assemble the enchiladas.  We poured a little sauce in our pan and als0 added some of the sauce to the chicken to keep it moist.  Then we set up an assembly line: chicken, tortiallas, pan and cheese.  We warmed the tortillas, put a little chicken in the center, sprinkled a little cheese inside and then rolled up.  Then we put them seam side down in the pan, covered with more sauce and then lots of grated cheese.

20180204_172457    20180204_173027  20180204_173303 20180204_175414

The final step was putting dollops of sour cream on top and baking at a 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes.


Kale Salad:

We have made this many times so I won’t go through all the steps.  But basically you have to chop kale, brussel sprouts and almonds, then grate and add pecorino cheese and finally dress with a mustard vinagrette.  It’s a good idea to “massage” the kale too (otherwise it’s a little tough).

20180204_170647  20180204_122622 20180204_175522

And here are the brownies.


It was a fun game to watch, but the food and the company were better!



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