Kids Dinner No. 5: March 21, 2015
March 27th, 2015 by Kate

Kids Sunday Dinner No. 5: Grilled chicken sausage, rosti (potato pancakes filled with cheese) and asparagus (with more cheese, of course). I am praying this tradition continues! The rosti (a traditional Swiss dish) were more challenging than the kids thought. They wanted them to have raclette cheese in them so tried two different options. Option No. 1 was layering in the grated cheese…i.e. grated potatoes, grated cheese, and then grated potatoes. Option No. 2 was mixing the grated potatoes with the grated cheese. Both were delicious, but Option No. 2 was more difficult to cook: the cheese would melt and stick to the pan. I am hoping they will keep trying to perfect the recipe. 🙂

Alex says “I chose rosti because we had it in Switzerland and we really enjoyed it. Also, our family is part Swiss and we wanted to celebrate that.”

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