May 13th, 2015 by Katekoster was started when we (Max and Alex…i.e. the “kids”) started cooking dinner every Sunday night for the family and realized how fun it was.  We decided we wanted to let other kids and their parents know that kids CAN cook and that we needed to encourage kids to cook more.  Coming up with a menu, shopping for food and then cooking it also made us understand and appreciate the importance of food and sharing it with your friends and family.  It also brings our whole family together on Sunday night–getting us ready for the week ahead.

Braised Lamb shank, etc.     Ribeye, mashed potatoes, artichokes and arugula salad     Making vanilla ice cream (and tasting it)    Fun with whipped cream

When we started the website, we entered the domain name in a domain name contest sponsored by Verisign.  Then we forgot we had entered…so we were really surprised when we got an email that we had won $5000 and had advanced to the second round of the contest.  We had to make a video about why our website name was a good name, and then judges and the public voted on the best names.  We were even more surprised when we actually won the grand prize of $30,000! (Thanks to everyone who voted for us.)  Click HERE to hear the story of the domain name.


Because we have plenty to eat however, and millions of other people in the world don’t have enough food, we decided to donate 1/2 of the prize (or $17,500)* to Action Against Hunger, an international hunger relief charity dedicated to saving the lives of malnourished children, while helping vulnerable communities become self sufficient.  Worldwide, 1.2 billion people have less than $1.50 a day to spend on food! Can you imagine that?? We calculated that the cost of our typical breakfasts (bowl of cereal with milk, juice and a piece of fruit) cost about $1.50! And we could not imagine that being the only food we got all day. We even tried to survive on only $1.50 of food for a day (see below) and we were all so hungry (and grumpy). *Note originally we donated 1/3 of the prize, put 1/3 in our college fund and reserved 1/3 to help fund the website. But we realized we don’t need that much money to run the website so we donated another $5834 in July 2016 to bring our donation to $17,500.

We were lucky enough to get visit the Action Against Hunger office in New York.   Thank you Asif, Alex, Andrea, Elizabeth and the whole team at Action Against Hunger in New York for meeting with us, giving us a tour and explaining some of the amazing work you do when we dropped off the check. Wow! You are all truly inspiring! We continue to stay in touch with Action Against Hunger, including participating in their Students X Hunger year-end donation drive.

Max and Alex with Alex Cottin, Director of External Affairs and Andrea Tamburini, CEO, of AAH-USA

Max and Alex with Alex Cottin, Director of External Affairs and Andrea Tamburini, CEO, of AAH-USA

Mom says that the more we can encourage kids to make healthy choices, from what they eat to what they do, the better off they will be in the long run. And, the more kids can participate and own their activities (like what they cook and eat), the more they seem to enjoy those activities. So let’s all cook more! Let’s all try to take the time to enjoy what we cook together! And, at least for our family, let’s all be thankful for the fact that we can afford to eat plenty of healthy food.

Help us X out hunger!

Help us X out hunger!

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  • harriet writes:
    May 18th, 20158:09 pmat

    This is the best blog ever! It showcases two of the most exciting up and coming chefs who are incredibly creative, versatile and dedicated to their craft.

    Their food choices are balanced, colorful and I wish I could say tasty but I live in San Francisco and they are in New York, so my mouth is never close enough to their food to say for sure, but according to others who live right where the table is, the food is wonderful.

    I’d have to say that the news of what’s next for dinner is always a thrill. And that these two are already brilliant chefs with so many delicious meals in their future that we can all look forward to having them document. Hooray for Max and Alex. And hats off to Harry and Kate for helping their food come together every now and again.

  • Max writes:
    May 21st, 201510:56 pmat

    Thank you so much. I hope to inspire other kids to start cooking so they will be able to take care of themselves when they’re older. I’d be happy to cook for you if you come to New York City!

    • harriet writes:
      May 27th, 20152:55 amat

      I am going to share your inspirational and adventurous cooking with all the kids that I know! And if I don’t get to your kitchen in New York soon, you could always lobby your mom and dad to bring you to my kitchen — either in San Francisco or on the California Salmon River and you could see if your cooking worked on the other side of the country as well as it does on the East Coast. If you came to the Salmon River, we could go on a rafting trip and you could ride on a tube down the gentle rapids as well as swim in the pools. It would be great fun! Thanks Max for the offer. I’ll take it very seriously.

  • alexandra koster writes:
    May 21st, 201511:21 pmat

    Thank you,and we hope other kids learn to cook, too. We’ve learned a lot about cooking so maybe other kids also will learn how to cook. Sorry that you can’t taste any food. Thanks again.-Alexandra koster

  • harriet writes:
    May 27th, 20153:00 amat


    I can tell that you’ve learned a lot about cooking and you will be great mentors to other kids who might be shy about how to get started putting together a meal plan, figuring out the best recipe, and then making it come altogether in the preparation and cooking of the ingredients. You two are doing such a good job on all counts. Keep it up! Some day I will be lucky enough to share a wonderful supper with you.

  • DIANE writes:
    June 17th, 20153:19 pmat


    Love the website. You both are winners in my book.

    My nine year old twin grandkids are coming this week and I’ll show them your website. We’re going on a camping trip so we’ll cook together on the campfire! I don’t think a hotdog is healthly , maybe a veggie burger instead?? Sienna once told me “I don’t cook” Well why not, I said. Your website will be an inspiration to them both. Thanks, Diane

    • Katekoster writes:
      June 17th, 20154:42 pmat

      Thanks so much for your kind words!!! Have fun on your camping trip: our new favorite alternative to hot dogs are chicken-apple sausages. Max and Alex love them and they are very healthy.

  • SIENNA writes:
    June 26th, 201510:41 pmat

    Hi there! My name is Sienna(See- an-a) And I LOVED your website! I voted for you. How many kids are in the contest and how do you join? By the way, the video you guys made was cute!

    Sienna! ;-)Winking smile face!!

    • Katekoster writes:
      June 27th, 201511:38 amat

      Hi Sienna, thanks for voting for us!! We don’t know how many kids are in the contest but we do know there are about 12 other websites in the contest (which ends today!). The great thing is that even if we don’t win, we have had a lot of fun cooking, and we have learned to make and cook new things. We are going to sleep away camp today but when we come back we will keep cooking dinner for our family.

  • SIENNA writes:
    June 26th, 201510:43 pmat


  • Surprise Eggs writes:
    March 20th, 20161:09 pmat

    What’s up, I read your new stuff on a regular basis.
    Your humoristic style is witty, keep up the good

    • Katekoster writes:
      March 20th, 20162:10 pmat

      Thanks for reading us! We appreciate your support. Max & Alex

  • Katekoster writes:
    April 3rd, 20161:17 pmat

    Thanks for reading our blog!

  • Katekoster writes:
    April 7th, 201610:18 amat

    Thanks for reading our blog!

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