Max&Alex’s Best Fudge Brownies Ever
Mar 31st, 2015 by Kate

Here’s the recipe for Max & Alex’s fudge brownies.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Grease a 9×9 square pan (we use crisco)

Melt over low heat:
1/2 cup butter
2 oz. bittersweet chocolate
Remove from heat and let cool slightly

Beat together:
2 eggs
1 Cup Sugar


Mix in 1/2 cup flour and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
Pour into greased pan
Cook for 20 -25 minutes

Remove from oven
Cut into 16 squares
Put in fridge (stops cooking and ensures fudginess)

Kids Dinner No. 6: March 29, 2015
Mar 30th, 2015 by Kate

Sunday Dinner No. 6, Max chose the menu (Alex got to choose the menu last week). He chose artichokes, steak, mashed potatoes, arugula salad, bread and brownies for dessert. They made everything except the bread. Max said he came up with the menu because he loves to eat everything on it except for the artichokes, which he made for the parents…and because the artichokes look cool. Hardest thing about the meal? “Putting the steak in the hot pan and flipping it,” said Max.

HKwithkidsdinner3-29 Steak3-29

Alexsalad3-29 mashedpotatoes3-29
artichokes cooking Brownies3-28

Kids Dinner No. 5: March 22, 2015
Mar 27th, 2015 by Kate

Kids Sunday Dinner No. 5: Grilled chicken sausage, rosti (potato pancakes filled with cheese) and asparagus. I am praying this tradition continues. The rosti, a traditional Swiss dish, were more challenging that anticipated. The kids wanted to incorporate cheese but weren’t sure of the best method. Option No. 1 involved layering shredded potatoes, grated cheese and then shredded potatoes again. Option No. 2 involved mixing the potatoes and shredded cheese together and then cooking. Both options were delicious but No. 2 was more difficult because the cheese stuck to the pan. Scraping up the crispy cheese bits was fun though.

Alex says, “I chose rosti because we had it in Switzerland it was really delicious. Also our family (except for mom) is Swiss so we wanted to celebrate that.”


20150322_193658 (2)


Kids Dinner No. 4: March 15, 2015
Mar 26th, 2015 by Kate

Kids Sunday Dinner No. 4: Spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce, tomato bruschetta, truffled egg and gruyere bruschetta, green salad. Simple but delicious. Alex invented the truffled egg and gruyere bruschetta: combining several of her favorite ingredients: scrambled eggs, truffle salt and melted gruyere cheese.

Dinner No. 4

Kids Dinner No. 3: March 8, 2015
Mar 26th, 2015 by Kate

For Dinner No. 3, the kids cooked roast chicken with carmelized onions, mashed potatoes, green salad with apples, walnuts and goat cheese and brownies for dessert.

roast chicken


Kids Dinner No. 2: March 1, 2015
Mar 26th, 2015 by Kate

Kids Sunday Dinner No. 2: roast beef, yorkshire pudding, corn-on-the-cob, roasted brussel sprouts and green peas. Harry and I were seriously impressed (and seriously full). The only thing I did was take the roast out of the oven. Unfortunately, although the kids cooked the brussel sprouts, they would not eat them.


Kids Dinner No. 1: February 22, 2015
Mar 26th, 2015 by Kate

The first dinner the kids made for us consisted of pork chops, arugula salad, sauteed mushrooms with truffle salt, home made apple sauce, baked potatoes and peas. We had talked about making balanced meals (protein, carbs, veggies and fruit) and they came through–with three vegetables and one fruit!


About Kids Cook Dinner
Mar 26th, 2015 by Kate

Hi all, this site is about kids cooking.  The more we can encourage our children to make healthy choices–from what they eat, to what they do, the better off they will be.  And so one Sunday my two kids decided to cook dinner for the family, and they have continued to do so for the past 5 weeks! They choose the menu, they tell me what to buy (they don’t have to pay for it:) and then they make dinner. I can sit at the kitchen counter and advise them, or show them how to do something (like cook an onion) but I am not supposed to help.  I do help out with any heavy lifting in or out of the oven, and I do monitor any cutting, but its their meal.  I hope they continue to cook — both for the family and for themselves, so I am starting this blog to document their efforts.


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