October 20, 2019: Comfort Food Weekend
Nov 26th, 2019 by Kate

This weekend was cold and rainy so my family and I indulged in warm, comforting food…starting off with the classic egg-in-a-hole for breakfast on Saturday am.


For those of you not familiar with this classic breakfast: all it requires is a slice of bread, butter, an egg and a circular glass to cut out a whole in the bread.  After cutting out the hole in the bread, you melt butter in an pan, place the bread in the pan and then crack an egg in the center hole.  After the egg has solidified, you gently flip it over (sometimes 2 spatulas necessary). (And flip over the circular piece so it gets browned as well.)  Voila: you have an egg-in-the-hole!

Next stop on the comfort food train was Progresso Chicken Noodle soup for lunch on Saturday.  Now I know that homemade chicken noodle soup is pretty good, but honestly, Progresso’s canned version is pretty amazing.


Next up (Sunday dinner), cabernet-marinated pot roast, courtesy of Trader Joes.  This was pretty easy:  buy pot roast, cook in oven, boil potatoes on the side.  To add a little bit more comfort, we melted raclette and served on the side (with the potatoes of course!)

20191027_173631  20191027_175059  20191027_173848  20191027_191131


Finally for dessert, Alex made the most amazing (and simple) puff pasty apple tarts: buy frozen puff pastry; defrost one sheet, cut into sixths, slather with butter and cinnamon and arrange sliced apples on top, bake.  Simple and delish. (Thanks Alex!)


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