Kids Dinner No. 4: March 15, 2015
March 26th, 2015 by Katekoster

Kids Sunday Dinner No. 4: Spaghetti with homemade marinara sauce, tomato bruschetta, truffled egg and gruyere bruschetta, green salad. Simple but delicious. Alex invented the truffled egg and gruyere bruschetta: combining several of her favorite ingredients: scrambled eggs, truffle salt and melted gruyere cheese.

Dinner No. 4

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  • Max Koster writes:
    March 26th, 201511:04 pmat

    What a great way to celebrate pi day! pi is 3.14159265335… and today is 3/14/15 and at 9:26 and 53.35 seconds, you couldn’t be closer to pi! Last year, we made apple pie, decorated with pi symbols. But unfortunately we couldn’t make that this year.

  • Alex Koster writes:
    March 26th, 201511:05 pmat

    I thought up the bruschetta because I wanted to combine 3 of my favorite foods together. Eggs, truffle salt, and cheese. The dish was easy to make but yummy.

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