Kids Dinner No. 10, Sunday May 3
May 5th, 2015 by Kate

Max & Alex decided to make braised lamb shanks with couscous, pear/walnut/goat cheese salad, and apple crisp for dinner this time. They started on Saturday and braised the lamb all day in a slow cooker, let it sit in the fridge overnight (for flavor and to be able to skim the fat more easily) and then reheated it on Sunday. The lamb was falling off the bone-it was so good. I got them chef’s hats to celebrate their 10th dinner.

braising5-3 Applecrisp5-3prebake5-3

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  • Electric Motorcycle writes:
    May 6th, 20153:52 pmat

    That’s a much better dinner than I could cook at that age. Actually it’s probably better than what my cooking skills are now even. 😀

    • Katekoster writes:
      May 6th, 20157:23 pmat

      They are much better cooks than I was at their age–and they are so much more fearless than I am now. They just decide they want to try something and they go for it. (Good luck with the domain name contest.:)

  • Max Koster writes:
    May 8th, 201511:09 pmat

    I find the urge to cook so that when I am older and alone, I will be able to prepare dinners that I want to eat.

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