Kids Dinner No. 12: Sunday May 17, 2015
May 18th, 2015 by Kate

Tonight, because my birthday is in two days, the kids made one of my favorite meals: kale/brussel sprout/almond salad. They also added in steak-vegetable stir fry; orso; bread and cheese, fresh squeezed lemonade and home made vanilla ice cream (we had some left over vegetables — which made for good stir fry — and, amazingly some left over chocolate covered strawberries (which went well with the vanilla ice cream). Actually, all in all it was an inspired “left overs dinner” because we had a cocktail party last night and had some random left overs: lots of lemons, lots of crudite vegetables, lots of manchego cheese, lots of roasted almonds, and lots of chocolate-covered strawberries. So the kids used the lemons for lemonade, the vegetables for stir fry (we bought skirt steak to round it out) and the almonds, manchego cheese and lemons for the kale salad (we bought kale and brussel sprouts). Of course, since it was my birthday, they had to make ice cream to go with the chocolate covered strawberries. Best left-over dinner I’ve ever had!! And, special thanks to Laura B. for the kale salad recipe. We of course changed some of the ingredients but we couldn’t have done it without you!
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