Kids Dinner No. 17: Sunday, June 21, 2015
June 22nd, 2015 by Kate

Today,for father’s Day, we decided to make baby back ribs. We decided to boil them before we barbecued the ribs and it turned out amazing (they were delicious even before we grilled them). We also made corn on the cob to symbolize the first barbecue of the summer, and for our vegetables, we made vegetable shish kabobs. For desert we made one of dad’s favorites: oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Happy Father’s Day!!

Mom recommends that if your kids are baking, or if you don’t bake too often: measure your dry ingredients over a plate (NOT the main mixing bowl where all ingredients end up, and not over the counter or floor): That way if you (or your kids) spill 1/4 cup of flour you can reuse it and it doesn’t 1) make a big mess or 2) mess up the recipe. It’s really important to measure salt, baking powder, baking soda… over a separate bowl (not your main mixing bowl). Nobody wants cookies with a lot of extra salt in them! Similarly, don’t break your eggs over the main mixing bowl. Break them in a separate bowl (and spoon out any extra egg shell) and then add them to your main mixing bowl. Nobody wants cookies with egg shell in them either!

CuttingribsPreboilof ribs

Chopping Vegetalbes

Chopping Vegetalbes

Making  kabobs

Making kabobs


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