Easy Raspberry Sorbet
July 3rd, 2015 by Katekoster

The kids made this a couple dinners ago but since they are at sleep-away camp (and, alas, not cooking for the family for a while), they asked me to post the recipe. We use a Cusinart ice cream maker, and this recipe is based on a Cuisinart recipe, but any ice cream maker should work.

Ingredients: 2 Cups Water, 1 and 1/2 Cups Sugar, Pinch of table salt (NOT SEA SALT), 4 and 1/2 Cups frozen raspberries, thawed.

Make a simple syrup by heating the water and sugar together over medium low heat.
Stir once in a while and remove from heat when sugar is completely dissolved.
Add pinch of salt and let cool. When cool, add thawed raspberries and blend (we have used both a regular blender and an immersion blender: either one is fine).
After mixture is blended smooth. Remove 1/3 of the mix and strain through a fine strainer (using a wooden spoon or spatula to get rid of the seeds). THIS REALLY MAKES A DIFFERENCE–the first time I made it I didn’t strain it; when the kids made it, they followed the recipe and strained it, and it was much better.
Remove seeds from strainer and continue straining the remaining raspberry mix.
Refrigerate the mix at least 2 hours.
Turn on your ice cream maker!
Pour the mix into the frozen mixing bowl and voila, in 15-20 minutes you will have a soft, creamy rasberry sorbet.

You can do this with strawberries as well but reduce the sugar in the simple syrup by 1/2 cup. Taste the mix before you put it in ice cream maker and if still too sweet, add fresh squeezed lemon juice (but no more than 1 tablespoon).

Raspberry Sorbet

Raspberry Sorbet

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