Dinner No. 45: Sunday February 28, 2016: Homemade Chinese Takeout!
March 2nd, 2016 by Kate

Tonight we wanted to try to recreate some of our favorite Chinese take-out dishes.  We are very lucky because we live in New York City, so we have a lot of great take-out and delivery options. But its nice to try to recreate some of our favorites so we made Cantonese-style barbecue ribs; stir fry broccoli and water chestnuts; white rice; and egg-drop soup.  For dessert we had the fortune cookies we made yesterday.  Everything tasted really good, although not exactly the same as our Chinese take-out.

The full meal!

The full meal!

The ingredients

The ingredients…

Cantonese-style Barbecued Short Ribs

Cantonese-style Barbecued Short Ribs

The ribs were much easier than we thought.  First we marinated them in a mix of soy sauce, ginger, garlic and hoisin sauce (2 hours to overnight). Then we put them on a rack over a cup of water and cooked them for an hour (turning and basting at the 30 minute mark). Finally, we brushed them with honey and let them cook for another 10 minutes.

.20160228_143615   20160228_185647   20160228_200854

The stir fry was also pretty easy, although next time we might steam the broccoli a little before we stir fry it because it takes a long time to cook otherwise. Both of us had to work on it…

20160228_201640  20160228_195833  20160228_200844


We also made egg drop soup.  We boiled chicken broth and then whisked 2 beaten eggs into it.  It was so cool to see the eggs cook and separate. We topped it with chopped scallions.

20160228_201945  20160228_202307


Finally we had fortune cookies for dessert!







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