Sunday April 10, 2016: Chilaquiles Brunch
April 10th, 2016 by Katekoster

Today for brunch we tried another recipe from the cook book United Tastes of Texas (thanks again Jay and Jean!).  We made Chilaquiles (pronounced chill-ay-kee-us).  Sort of like nachos with a fried egg on top? So so yummy! Especially with avocado on the side.

Here’s a photo…we will add the how-to later (we have to go to a soccer game now)

Chilaquiles Plated!

Chilaquiles Plated!

(Back from soccer.) Here are the ingredients. There were a lot of steps but they were easy (and worth it):

20160410_110138       20160410_110542     20160410_111606

First you sautee onion and garlic; then you add canned tomatoes (we also added fresh grated tomatoes). If you have a halepeno pepper, and like the heat, chop that and add it in too. Then you layer corn tortilla chips in a dish and spoon the tomato/onion mix on top.  Add grated cheese (we added a combo of cheddar, jarlsberg, gruyere and cojitia but use whatever you like) and bake for 20 minutes.

20160410_113050   20160410_113525

Finally fry a few eggs and put them on top.  Garnish with avocado,cilantro…whatever you have in the fridge and want to eat:). Dad added hot sauce but he adds that to everything.

Chilaquiles Plated!

Chilaquiles Plated!


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