Dinner No. 61: Sunday, July 10, 2016: Lobster Salad and Peach Crisp
July 11th, 2016 by Katekoster


Today I decided to think outside of the box in terms of cooking and cook something I had never cooked before.  So my mom and I went to Best Market to buy lobsters that were alive. They looked like huge bugs!!!  Koko (our dog) was really scared of them.  Since it was hot we decided to make lobster salad.  First we put them in salted water and boiled them for 15 minutes. Mom said to keep the rubber bands on the big claws while I was putting them in the water.  Once they were cool, my mom and I dissected them to get the meat out.  EWWWWW!!!! There was a lot green guts that mom cleaned for me (and threw out).  Whew.  She said it was “edible” but I don’t believe her.  Then we cut the lobster into bite-size pieces and let cool some more. We also boiled some new potatoes (separately from the lobster).

20160710_152124  20160710_164828  20160710_164913  20160710_171821

20160710_171804  20160710_173826  20160710_174907  20160710_175212

For the salad, we combined boiled new potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, papitas and of course…the lobster. I made a lemon – olive oil dressing for it and served the salad with some extra cooked potatoes.

For the peach crisp, I sauteed several sliced peaches with butter and brown sugar and then made a simple stove-top granola topping (just oats, butter, honey and brown sugar browned together.)  I put the peach mix in the bottom of a ramekin and then put the oat mix on top.  I saved a few cooked peaches to put on top as a garnish.


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