Dinner No. 63: Friday, July 22, 2016: Too Hot to Cook–Grilling is the Answer
July 24th, 2016 by Katekoster

Tonight in Upstate New York it was just too hot to cook, with temperatures reaching the 90s+! How to make dinner without cooking, you say? Just Grill It! The two main dishes were steak and veggies (including green zuccini, yellow squash, red onion and kale) so I decided to grill everything (originally I was going to stir fry it because I have never heard of grilled kale). I also made a goat cheese, walnut and cranberry salad and mom allowed me to turn on the oven to boil water for sweet corn (it was so fresh it only took a couple of minutes to cook, so didn’t make the kitchen too hot).


(Before…all the raw ingredients)            (After…everything ready to eat!)

The steak was easy to prepare, just salt and pepper on each side.  For the veggies, I mixed olive oil, minced garlic and soy sauce and let them marinate in that for 20 minutes or so.  And the salad was one of my favorites: butter lettuce, goat cheese, cranberries and walnuts (with a sherry viniagrette).  Super easy and super delicious.

The Steak:

20160722_183708  20160722_183942 20160722_192041   20160722_193341

The Veggies:

20160722_184651  20160722_185853

20160722_192025  20160722_192407

Note: the kale cooked faster than the other veggies so I took it out earlier.  Sorry we don’t have too many photos of the grilling process…it started raining so we were trying to keep everything dry. Also, mom said her favorite part of the meal was the grilled kale, but she is a little weird.

Final Grilled Veggie plate

Final Grilled Veggie plate

The Corn and the Salad were very straightforward (and yet delish):

20160722_191953  20160722_193343

And one more time, here is the final meal. So happy to be home!



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