Monday, September 12, 2016: End of Summer Lunch
September 13th, 2016 by Kate

Sorry we haven’t posted for a while. We have been busy with the start of school and Max’s 13th birthday. But today we had off from school and were home while mom had to go to the office in the morning so we made her lunch when she came home (to check on us:). We made a zucchini-potato frittata, a tomato and mozzarella plate, a walnut-goat cheese-cranberry salad and a mug brownie. A mug brownie is a brownie you make in the microwave in a mug. They are delicious and especially good for kids because they don’t have turn on the oven.

20160912_125140   20160912_1348000   20160912_150008

For the frittata we used one medium zucchini sliced very thin, one clove if garlic, one left over baked potato, peeled and cubed, six eggs, a little milk and olive oil to sautee everything in. We also grated parmesan cheese on top.

20160912_125347  20160912_125944 20160912_125954  20160912_130809

20160912_131021  20160912_134007

The tomato mozzarella salad was very simple but the tomatoes are so good this time of year you dont have to do much.


The salad was simple too: just butter lettuce, goat cheese, walnut and cranberries.


We also cooked some left over pasta as a side.


For dessert, we made brownies in a mug. Our oven hasn’t been working properly but we were craving brownies. We researched microwave brownies and this recipe seemed pretty good. Of course we modified it a little to increase the fudgieness of it (because the unmodified recipe taste like cake), so we added more melted butter and put chocolate chips in the middle to melt into it.


Here are the steps for the mug brownie: melt 2 1/2 Tablespoons butter; add 2 Tablespoons water. Whisk. Add 2 Tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder. Whisk. Add 4 Tablespoons granulated sugar. Whisk. Add 4 Tablespoons Flour. Whisk. Pour half batter in mug. Add 1 teaspoon chocolate chips. Add remaining batter. Add 1 teaspoon chocolate chips to top. Cook in microwave 55-60 seconds.  LET COOL a little before trying…it will be hot (but yummy).

 20160912_144226  20160912_144749  20160912_144854 20160912_145223 20160912_145455  20160912_145726

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