Sunday, November 6, 2016: Dinner No. 72: Pasta Bolognese and Pumpkin Pie
November 8th, 2016 by Kate

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For tonight’s meal, we made a bolognese pasta dish with three different types of meats – bacon, veal and pork. It was the most flavorable bolognese I had ever tasted in my life. First, we chopped up bacon, carrots, celery and onions. We used the cuisinart to make the carrots, celery and onions really small.  Then, we cooked the veggies in olive oil until they turned transparent. Then we added the bacon (you can also use pancetta, but we couldn’t find it in the super market). We then added the ground veal and pork and broke it up in the pan. After the meat browned, we added tomato paste, white wine and MILK.  And we let it simmer for a few hours.   We had some extra bacon so we added it to a simple spinach salad (spinach, tomatoes, bacon and goat cheese, with a sherry vinaigrette).  Note we always have an extra bowl of just the meat sauce on the table because we are all carnivores in our family, and we always want to add more meat sauce to our pasta.

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For the pumpkin pie, we mixed the sugar, cinnamon and salt.  Then  in a separate bowl we mixed the canned pumpkin with 3 eggs. Then we poured the dry bowl into the wet ingredients and stirred in evaporated milk. Then we added the mixture into the pie crust and put the in the oven. After the pie was finished, we let it cool on the rack before refrigerating it.

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