Saturday, April 15, 2017: Getting Ready For Easter
April 15th, 2017 by Katekoster

It’s Easter Weekend, and that means a big celebration in our family. We actually started getting ready for Easter yesterday (Friday, April 14) when we 1) made the batter for butter horn rolls (which rises overnight in the fridge, and which we also use to make hot crossed buns), 2) boiled eggs to dye, and started the leg of lamb marinating.

Butter horn rolls:

This is our Grandma Jean’s recipe and since we were just in Iowa visiting her (and sampled hers), we thought we should definitely try to make some for Easter.  The dough is a sweet yeast dough (with eggs) so on Friday we made the batter:

20170414_181101   20170414_181417  20170414_182525

20170414_182848 20170414_183209  20170414_183532

On Saturday, after the dough had doubled in size, we kneaded the dough slightly, rolled it out and shaped it into either rolls or buns.  For the rolls we made triangles and rolled them up.  For the hot cross buns, we added raisins and made little balls of dough.  Then we let the rolls/buns rise for an hour and baked them.

20170415_110326  20170415_113520    

20170415_113527  20170415_113517

Finally, after they baked and cooled, we frosted some of them with a little powdered sugar, OJ glaze…yum!

20170415_131031  20170415_131040

20170415_152703  20170415_152641

Hard Boiled Eggs

OK so this is pretty self-explanatory.  Hard boil a dozen white eggs; let cool, and decorate.

20170414_123614   20170415_163531   20170415_170353

 Leg of Lamb Marinade

For the marinade for the lamb, on Friday night we combined red wine, chopped garlic, chopped rosemary, lemon juice and, of course the leg of lamb.  We let it marinade overnight Friday and then flipped it Saturday morning.

20170414_205756  20170414_210435  20170414_210602

OK so we are all set for Easter: hot cross buns, Easter eggs and leg of lamb!

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