Saturday, April 22, 2017: Tie-Dye Cake!
April 24th, 2017 by Katekoster

Welcome to our site which is  all about kids cooking (sometimes dinner and sometimes just dessert, like today when we decided to make a tie-dye cake: both inside and out).  To learn more about how to make this cake, read on.  To learn more about how our site got started, read the next post.


For the tie-dye cake, we made a simple white cake and split the batter into 4 bowls.  We used food coloring to dye the batter red, yellow, blue and green (20 drops each).  Then we poured each color of batter into a 13 x 9 pan, one cup at a time, and baked it (we made a few swirls on top for fun and even had enough batter for a few cupcakes).

whitebatter4.22   colordrops4.22   4colors4.22   coloredcakebatter4.22


After the cake was done, we decided to cut it in half to make a two layer cake.  We frosted the first layer with just white frosting but for the top, we made two colors of frosting: yellow and purple.  We spread yellow frosting all over the top and then put dabs of purple frosting on top of that. Then we used a chopstick to make cool swirls.  The interesting thing that from the top of the cake the blue and the green looked really similar in color.  However when we cut into the cake we could clearly see blue and green.

20170421_200045  20170422_124301  20170422_124735  20170422_124814

20170422_125959    20170422_130505  20170422_130553  20170422_131531




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