May 2017: Time for Pie!: Lemon Curd, Blueberry Lattice Top & Pumpkin Pies
May 12th, 2017 by Katekoster

What do you do after you see the musical Waitress? (It’s about an amazing pie-baking waitress…played by Sara Bareilles! so good. Go see it now!!) Anyway what do you do after you see it? You bake pies.  So far we have made three:lemon curd, blueberry and pumpkin.  Trying to think of a new one.

Waitress  20170511_200257  20170513_130815  20170608_172338

The first pie we made after seeing Waitress was Lemon Curd Pie with a sweet crust: this was the first time we made a pie crust in the cuisinart…pretty fast and easy. Then we just pushed it down into the baking pan (no rolling out), pre-baked till light brown and filled with delicious lemon curd.  No need for meringue topping for this one.

20170511_153259  20170511_153841  20170511_160338  20170511_200257

And here’s our next pie:  This time I, Alex, made a blueberry pie.  I made a simple pie crust and for the filling combined fresh and frozen (but thawed) blueberries, along with sugar, corn starch and a little lemon juice.  Then I cut pastry into strips and wove a lattice top on the top.

20170513_121004  20170513_121924  20170513_130815

It was delicious!!! We had a litte extra pie dough so I made cinnamon pastries (also known as cinnamon snails), which are just pie dough rolled up around cinnamon-sugar and butter. They are delicious.


Our latest pie was a traditional pumpkin pie. Even though it’s almost summer (and not Thanksgiving), we were craving pumpkin pie so we made it!


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