Thursday, April 12, 2018: Sumo Orange Challenge
April 15th, 2018 by Katekoster

Today we decided to do a taste test between a regular Navel Orange and a Sumo Orange.


Sumo Oranges are oranges that are a little bigger than regular oranges, have a rougher skin and have a “top-not” (sort of like a Sumo wrestler’s top not).  It’s a pretty new citrus varietal that was developed in Japan but is now grown in California.  It is a hybrid of both the mandarin and orange families. We evaluated the two oranges on 1. appearance; 2. ease of peeling; 3.stickiness of hands after eating; and 4. taste.

20180411_154946  20180411_154618

  1. Appearance: Sumo won just because it looks so cool
  2. Ease of peeling: Sumo won again: you can essentially peel it in one peel
  3. Stickiness of hands after eating: tie.  We expected the Sumo to win this one but neither orange was particularly sticky
  4. Taste: Navel Orange won by a long shot.  Maybe its just that we don’t like the taste of mandarins? But the Navel Orange was sweet and refreshing…the Sumo Orange not so much.

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